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Acomba X applications are now available, call us!

Even better tailored to the needs of SMEs, they are based on the latest technologies while offering a user-friendly interface! Contact us today to learn more about our products.

Accounting (each module is sold separately)

  • Accounting Suite
  • Activities
  • Acomba payroll linked to Acomba X

Sales and stock control (each module is sold separately)

  • Stock and supply
  • Order management
  • Connections (Contact network management)

Other solutions related to Acomba X (each module is sold separately)

  • Acomba e-commerce
  • Acomba suite POS

Key features

  • Acomba X modules included: Accounting, Customers, Suppliers
  • Creation of invoices, credits and adjustments
  • Processing of multiple payment methods
  • Advanced security and access rights management
  • Management of foreign currency accounts
  • Remote access to your business data
  • Creation of customized lists
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Generation of numerous financial analysis reports


  • 40-character alphanumeric chart of accounts
  • Management of the start and end dates of the financial years
  • Management of the start and end dates of the accounting periods
  • Two accounting methods: by period and date
  • Automatic adjustment of opening balances upon import
  • changes from the chartered accountant
  • Exchange of accounting data between the company and the professional accountant
  • Budget creation
  • Multi-currency management
  • Transaction batch management
  • Production of ratios
  • Automated bank reconciliation
  • Detailed transaction reports
  • Transaction change history report
  • Financial reports: Trial balance, Balance sheet, Income Statement, GIFI
  • Inter-year and budgeted comparative financial reports
  • Customizable financial reports
  • Simplified period-end and year-end procedures
  • Tax report and automatic reversal transaction
  • Tax report transfer via the internet using Clic Revenu


  • Management of payments to be received
  • Collection management
  • Management of customer deposits
  • Settlement management
  • Vendor and territory management
  • Statement of account report
  • Sending account statements by email
  • Interest expense management


  • Management of payments pending approval
  • Printing of payment slips
  • Sending payment slips by email
  • Electronic fund transfers
  • Purchasing statement
  • Pending payment report
  • Payment projection report
  • Automation of payments due

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